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Synthetic Spirituality  


Synthetic Spirituality


The initial leap in spiritual awareness will not be heralded by the trump of angles. No new age guru will emerge with a new doctrine. No sect, creed or religion will be able to claim responsibility.


Synthetic Spirituality

Humans have a fundamental need to experience altered states of consciousness. A child spins in circles and falls deliriously dizzy on the ground. A monk sits in lotus posture, eyes closed and nearly breathless. A housewife abandons her daily task to embrace for an hour a soap opera world in which the mundane and boring do not exist. An alcoholic stumbles from a barstool fumbling for his keys.

All of the above have a common goal. All are connected by a similar thread. Even so, all but one is synthetic.

New Age soothsayers and prophets have said that humanity is about to experience a spiritual evolution. That the time is near in which we will abandon our selfish endeavors considering the collective good of not only our race, but of all living things. We will abandon self to embrace the divine. Spiritual attributes will be deemed of more value than material possessions.

They are only partially correct.

The initial leap in spiritual awareness will not be heralded by the trump of angles. No new age guru will emerge with a new doctrine. No sect, creed or religion will be able to claim responsibility. The early stages of the transformation will occur because of greed. Let me explain.

There are those who teach that physical matter cannot interact with spiritual reality. This is not correct. There is a quiet technology still in its infancy capable of effecting energy frequencies at extremely subtle levels. While the spiritual implications of this technology have yet to be recognized, a cunning entrepreneur will grasp the value, developing this technology into a mind altering media in which users will be able to tap into spiritual realms that heretofore they lacked the discipline to experience. Pharmaceutical companies will recognize this technology as a threat to their existence and demand that any device capable of altering the userís awareness and perception of reality must be labeled as a drug and controlled by the FDA. Similar technologies will evolve however driven by consumer demand causing these products to be marketed like street drugs. Users will be divided into those who believe that they are experiencing and interacting true alternate realities and those who consider the experience to be simply imaginative or hallucinatory.

The believers and the non-believers.

At this point the pharmaceuticals will recognize the futility of their campaign against the devices and bring to the market chemical versions of mind altering substances based upon ancient shamanic principals.

The clock has come full circle.

Shortly after this there will appear people who spontaneously develop spiritual awareness without the assistance of drugs or devices. Nature will seek equilibrium as the synthetic mystics are brought into balance by those who develop naturally. Lacking maturity, these groups will be at odds with one another. The Natural verses the Synthetic. Over time, one of these groups will become dominant while the other fades into obscurity.

The above scenario is a likely future on your event horizon and is closer than you may think. Most who read this will see its fulfillment.

New Age literature abounds with tales of the coming age however the authors failed to recognize or see how the transition came about.

I have told you.


It has begun

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"For as long as space endures
And for as long as living beings remain,
Until then may I too abide
To dispel the misery of the world."

Saint Shantideva