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Life After Death


I have witnessed the disembodied activities of physical beings, both good and bad, played out in unaware innocence, as they believed the experience to be a dream.



Does Life go on?

To me this one is so obvious that I have a difficult time believing that people actually have to ask. Yes, life goes on. If it didn’t you would not be here to ask! You are now, even as we speak, the continuation of life. Consciousness does not require a human body to exist. I have seen this on countless occasions and you likely have as well. The difference is that most people are not aware of this truth on a physically conscious level. In silent wanderings throughout the day and nocturnal flights in the stillness of sleep, the spirit seeks nourishment that is not always afforded by physical means alone. Literature in both the metaphysical and secular realms are replete with tales of monks, saints and prophet's who transcend the physical body for spiritual excursions into world’s unseen. While I do not intend to dethrone those of higher spiritual status, the practice of soul travel is abundantly more common then the literature suggest. In my meanderings as a conscious traveler I have seen many people in similar state who were not conscious of their condition. I have witnessed the disembodied activities of physical beings, both good and bad, played out in unaware innocence, as they believed the experience to be a dream. I have met very few conscious travelers while out of the body but have found comfort in knowing that they exist. As mentioned previously, I have felt very lonely at times in my search for others like myself. I have seen some who had recently experienced physical death and others who had never incarnated in a physical body. I have seen creatures and beings that defy description and yet are no less real than you or I.

After you draw your last breath you will experience a brief period of adjustment. This period may be prolonged if your demise was caused by or occurred during extremely emotional circumstances. Most however, will quickly acclimate to their disembodied state simply because it is not new to them.

What happens next is largely a matter of culture and belief. You will, at least for a while, get what you expect. While shedding the body much as a snake sheds its skin is a natural event it is nevertheless traumatic. Therefore to minimize the trauma, an adjustment period usually occurs in which ones immediate afterlife environment reflects the values and conditions held in strong belief by that individual. The more strongly the belief, or disbelief, is held, the longer and more difficult is acclimatization to the nonphysical environment. Under ideal circumstances, ones who are associated with that individual are there to aid in the transition. To comment beyond this would most likely be conjecture on my part because the majority of my conscious traveling out of the body has been in the astral realm. You should know that the Astral realm is not the afterlife destination for humans but a separate and distinct reality similar to in some respect but functionally different from the more heavenly or divine dimensions.

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"For as long as space endures
And for as long as living beings remain,
Until then may I too abide
To dispel the misery of the world."

Saint Shantideva