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Astral Projection


In silent wanderings throughout the day and nocturnal flights in the stillness of sleep, the spirit seeks nourishment that is not always afforded by physical means alone.


Can one learn how to travel out of the body?


The answer is yes. You probably already do however it means little in regard to your request if you cannot recall the event. New age bookshelves are liberally stocked with books and programs that claim to teach the eager student how to astral project. I have yet to see one that addresses the critical element of conscious recollection. Another consideration is that the majority of proficient travelers are travelers by nature. We were tutored neither by master or book, we just are the way we are. For myself, I was the tender age of four when the dreams began. I would find myself flying at low level in rooms and over grassy fields. It was common to be pursued by beings that seemed to be annoyed by my unusual ability and who would try to secure my weightless body to the ground. By the age of seven or eight I had learned to recognize a dream while still dreaming and thus alter and control the content. Occasional unexpected events would sometimes exceed my ability and rouse my consciousness to a waking state. As time proceeded my dreams took on a gradual reality. Colors, clarity, feelings, relationships and experiences vastly exceeded anything occurring in ordinary dream state. I did not discuss these occurrences or events with others and just assumed that this was the way that life was. I did not know that it was uncommon to travel without physical assistance and believed my life to be normal in all respects. By fifth grade however the differences were becoming apparent. My interest were considerably different than any of my peers and remain so to this day. How could I ever be enraptured by a baseball card when the previous night I had traveled to a distant world? The swiftness of a racecar would never impress me after I had flown effortlessly over a field of brilliant flowers, bursting in radiance and then skimmed the surface of a mountain stream as I flew inches above its surface more swiftly than an eagle? Others did not hear the occasional disembodied voice or dream in advance of the day’s events. I began to realize just how different I was and found it to be an unpleasant thing. If my differences had been accepted and even valued I perhaps would have cultivated them. As it was however I longed to be like the others whose values and interest I could never comprehend. And yet I traveled. Through time and space. I have seen alien worlds and met the inhabitance thereof. I have seen various aspects of the future and have traveled briefly into the past. I have spoken with intelligent animals and communicated with plants. I have suffered the company of devilish creatures and experienced fear beyond description. While all of these things may seem fascinating and impressive I must make a confession. They are of little value or consequence.

What occurs in the astral realm is but the elementary level of spiritual development.

It is interesting to say the least however like a movie, it offers only entertainment unless sustained and deliberate attention is maintained to tame the beast of distraction from becoming overwhelming. In the astral world, the slightest distraction to the un-focused traveler will result in immediate translocation and often re-emergence in the physical body. Also, the encounter with malevolent beings, (and they do exist) to the unprepared traveler can be so unnerving as to sever the desire altogether.  Before you read the book on how to travel, before you practice the physical and mental exercises, know full well in advance that the world that you will be entering does not play by your rules. Action follows thought and thought is a very unpredictable thing. Also, you will be the stranger in a strange land to beings who live and thrive there and find you to be a curious thing indeed.

When you learn, when you have adapted, when you are comfortable you will find it. I simply call it "the school". It is a place that I visited frequently. In the courtyard beyond the school you will find a beautiful, well maintained garden and the company of other students. You will engage in meaningful dialogue and make acquaintances with new and also familiar beings. Upon entering the school you will find the halls bustling with activity as you and other beings find access to your appointed classrooms. As you enter the classroom and the door closes behind you something strange will happen. You will recall every proceeding event in detail, the conversations, the feelings and emotions, even textures and sensations. What is taught and what occurs in the classroom however will be closed to your recollection. It is not of this world and will not be recalled in this world. The teaching is of an advanced spiritual nature. You are privileged to be a participant, but the full blossoming of this knowledge is for another time. It is my firm belief however that attendance at the school should be the goal of anyone who desires to be a conscious traveler. Anything less is nothing more than entertainment. Not that entertainment lacks value but ultimately that child must mature.

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"For as long as space endures
And for as long as living beings remain,
Until then may I too abide
To dispel the misery of the world."

Saint Shantideva