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Alternate Reality



You are even now experiencing an alternate reality in a world that is not your natural state.



How can we experience alternate realities?

Imagine for a moment that you were born deaf. Never touched by the gift of hearing the world slipped silently past you. Limbs bend and break in the wind, crash violently on the ground and yet you are unaffected. Lips move and you can only imagine why. A hundred dialects in a crowded subway station all go unnoticed. The sounds of life have always been here. They were here before your birth and they will continue beyond your passing. Now imagine that upon reaching adulthood you instantly received the ability to hear. Still in the subway station as a hundred voices speak in unison and still not one of them will be intelligible to you. Just because you can now hear does not mean that you can understand language, the turning of wheels on a track or the sound of feet on hard pavement. If after a lifetime of being blind you were suddenly able to see you still could not even recognize your Mothers face. All of these things must be learned. At first we begin to recognize the shape of our mothers face, the sound of her voice and the warmth of her touch. As time progresses more things become familiar as one by one we incorporate them into our bank of experiences.

You are even now experiencing an alternate reality in a world that is not our natural state. In the way described above you learned the sounds and textures of this world and accepted them as “real”. To experience a different reality you simply repeat the process. At the subtlest gesture of inspiration or intuition, relax. Live in the moment, breath it in deeply. Accept without question that you have been visited by the divine and allow this moment to become real for you. You have taken a small step. In time there will be others that will build upon and fortify your experience. Exercise patience and kindness. Do not seek expanded consciousness without consideration of the benefit of all living things. Consideration of others acts as a filter to insure that information reaching us from beyond will be beneficial and not deleterious. Act upon what you have learned. When carrying a small lamp you can only see a very limited distance until you take a step. Your range of perception increases in proportion to the steps that you take. It is only by acting upon what little we may currently understand that awareness increases. Therefore take small steps. Observe the subtle variation in your surroundings. Learn all that you can and then take another step. You will soon discover that you have not opened the door to an alternate reality, only that you have seen more of the one thing that truly exist in this universe. An onion may have many layers and yet there is only one onion. Do not think to say that one layer is more real than another one. You are one with the universe and it is your destiny to eventually understand everything. When all mysteries are understood you will come to know that the journey is more fulfilling than the destination.

Go in Peace

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"For as long as space endures
And for as long as living beings remain,
Until then may I too abide
To dispel the misery of the world."

Saint Shantideva