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There has been a recent proliferation of people claiming to act as “channels” for evolved spiritual beings. Conduits through which these masters express themselves for the purpose of sharing advanced knowledge. I am not one of them. I am simply a person who is sharing with others what I have experienced and observed. Nothing more, nothing less.


If you have come to this site looking for information about ascended masters in the Theosophical sense then you are likely to be disappointed, I know of no such beings. Additionally, contrary to several search engines, I do not nor have I ever claimed to be an ascended master though I will tell you shortly how it is that I own the domain name. My only claim to being exceptional is that I am a natural mystic and what is shared on this site is experiential, not learned from others. I do not hang in new age circles, I have received no formal training either directly or in written form and if you chose to read further you will see that I share from personal experience only. Therefore if I haven't lost you already and you do read further then you must ask yourself the following.

 1. Are the claims made on this website rational? I'm intelligent enough to know that experience is both relative and subjective. The question therefore is do my claims make sense to you and if so, do you agree with them?

 2. Are the claims made on this website plausible? Don't accept something simply because I have said it, nor should you accept something simply because someone of presumed advanced spiritual development or authority has said it. We could all be wrong.

 3. Are the ideals espoused on this website consistent with what you know intuitively to be true? Many people seek truth from others without first having consulted what they know intuitively to be true. We are born with an innate sense of truth buried beneath layers of ego, emotion and physical need. Once this trio of distraction is quieted we find that knowledge remains resident within our core. If you seek knowledge you have no need to look further than the God within. It is critical however that we not first wrap our perception of truth in the veil of presupposition as this is the ego masquerading as truth, in the end you will believe only what you want to believe. Those who chose this path reinforce the ego and become judgmental toward others. This is the path of separation. Here in therefore lies the value of prayer and mediation, to quiet the mind, subdue the ego and find God within. It is only in our limited minds that God exists elsewhere.

Those offended by the concept of God within must first reason within themselves how it is that God can be separate from creation. If you cannot deal with omnipresence then you have limited your definition of God.

 You are free to judge and decide for yourself as I have no ego to stroke. There is nothing to sell on this site, my full name does not appear and there are no contact details.

I have on two occasions been called an ascended master by psychic readers whom I visited out of curiosity. Not being familiar with the term I searched online for details which is where I learned that no one owned the domain name "". To the disappointment of the Theosophical community I picked up the name as a place to pen my personal experiences, not the channeled utterances of disembodied masters.

 Now to be frank, my real motivation in writing these pages was not to share them with you. Having been spiritually isolated from my youth I had no reference point upon which to gage or validate my experiences. My stories were the fanciful ramblings of a child to those I shared them with and as I grew older it became painfully evident that I was alone. My goal from that point on became one of conforming, to identify with a group and to mask my differences. My success in this area has been unrewarding in that all the memories remain in tact. I have seen and experienced things that others can only imagine and both my heart and mind remain torn between two worlds.

 This site was created for my children who were in their teens when I realized that I could depart from this world without either of them ever knowing who their father truly was. For the most part I had sheltered them from my personal experiences and yet I wanted them to know the part that I had concealed.

 Throughout this life I have had the enduring sensation that I was in a coma waiting for my eventual awakening. Occasionally disembodied voices would call as if to disturb my slumber and though I have at times experienced what I can only describe as profound lucidity, my feelings of slumber remain. It is my hope to fully awaken before leaving this world and yet the years pass and I feel the tug of entropy upon this flesh.

Regardless of the timing I will all awaken as will you, it is our destiny. Perhaps we are not so different after all.

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Why I wrote this Page!

I have written this page because it is in part, the fulfillment of my destiny. For many years I have kept secrets from those who knew me. At first I was silent because I did not know that I was different, latter I remained silent because I knew that I was.

I was only four years old when the dreams began. Dreams that exceeded anything that could have been revealed to me by my family, peers, school or literature. Dreams that took me to far off places and worlds. Dreams that evolved over the years into an initiation into a reality that exist beside our own, similar in some respects, vastly different in others. I am only coming forward now because it is time for me to speak. I am neither prophet, saint not healer. Nevertheless I have something to share. The information that follows is based on personal experience. You will find it to be unique among other pages of similar content and I offer it freely.

 Each of us has within him or herself a kernel of truth and wisdom.  The events of our lives envelope this pearl of the divine nature as a womb and nourish it liberally with experience. The nature of the experience has little to do with the result. Truth can abide and grow abundantly in a cesspool. Ultimately it is ones interpretation of the experience which determines whether or not the event has been purposeful of deleterious. Good fortune or tragedy, both are equally capable of elevating consciousness to a higher level of understanding. As spiritual beings sharing the human experience we need both physical and experiential nourishment to complete our transformation.

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What is an “Ascended Master”?

Literature, the Internet and new-age teaching are littered with articles, messages and teachings of these so called “enlightened ones”. Beings who protect the earth-plane, who bring truth and wisdom and who aided in the evolution of mankind. While the teachings elevate these beings to an incomprehensible degree of spiritual awareness they also teach that we are capable of an equal degree or wisdom, power and understanding. I will teach you something different. Whether or not I am right is for you to decide.

An Ascended Master is a being that has reached a sufficiently high level of understanding and spiritual awareness that they are capable of remaining on the earth-plane by choice and not by necessity. Whether they attained that degree of wisdom in this or in a previous incarnation is irrelevant. Some Ascended Masters return to instruct and to share. It is involvement on the earth-plain that makes such a being an Ascended Master. Beings of similar or greater experience who choose to not intercede directly with humanity are not Ascended Masters but would have another title. Titles beyond this point are irrelevant as well. A word title cannot begin to encompass the wisdom and experience of such a being.

Am I an Ascended Master? While I have been called an ascended master by others, I am not comfortable with the term. As stated elsewhere in this document, I am simply a man sharing from his experiences, nothing more, nothing less. I entered this lifetime with a bag full of knowledge and memories. Most of us enter in similar fashion however we gradually exchange or trade this knowledge for tools that are more suited and useful for this reality. This affords us the ability to acquire survival skills necessary to preserve our physical existence. Somewhere in this process I missed my queue and held greedily onto my baggage. While the flavor and intensity of physical life struggled valiantly to cash out my knowledge bank and establish its own account it failed in the exchange. The result was largely an unenviable position. I found myself neither human nor divine. Something different. Different may be good however different is also lonely. The book of Ecclesiastes teaches that with great knowledge comes also great sorrow. I am reminded often of my failings and still have much to learn.

I certainly do not fit the new-age description of an Ascended Master. No book, poster or card bearing the presumably divine image of an exalted being carries my semblance. Too bad for them, I’m not a bad looking guy. On the other hand I am frequently distracted with sexual thoughts and am obsessed with bodybuilding. I am forthright about this to make a point. Neither I, nor those commonly accepted as Ascended Masters are dramatically different from those who wear the human veil in all of its’ glory. We know passion, we feel or have felt lust. The emotion of hunger is transformed but never fully satiated. This is my last physical incarnation and I have made a conscious decision to explore and develop my physical potential. This does not excuse or allow me however to keep my spiritual understanding concealed.

Truth is a beautiful and liberating force when spoken by the lips of a learned professor or prophet. It is not diminished however when uttered by a fool.

Consider this also, just as light, in the absence of an observer does not produce sight, truth is meaningless in the absence of understanding.

“Cast not your pearls before swine”.

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What is Truth? 

What is Truth?

Truth is knowledge that when acted upon elevates the practitioner to a higher degree of understanding, usefulness or awareness.

Understanding is the conscious awareness of the relationship between thought, action and consequence. Usefulness is the degree to which our service or application of knowledge elevates our physical and or spiritual relationships. Awareness is the sense of interconnection of all things. When a child turns on a light, he or she sees the result. To see the electrons in the wiring, the breaker box, the utility poles, transformers and the generator is to be aware.

Many claim to have or to know the truth, as if the truth were a thing to be possessed. They then use this possession as a tool to enslave others. It is in our nature to seek and to cultivate truth and many follow blindly the perverted orations of those who profess an abundance of it. Religion is not alone in its claim to possession of the truth. Even atheist espouse a superior knowledge and hold in disregard those who think differently. To be certain of ones beliefs is to close ones mind to other possibilities. Our world is nothing if not infinite possibilities and to willfully ignore the same it to sever our potential for spiritual growth.

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What is Life? 

What is Life?

Life defined in biological terms would be the complex assembly of organic material, which exchanges energy with its environment and is capable of varying degrees of animation. In this sense, a thing can be considered “alive” even if it is not aware of being so.

Here is a truth that may be difficult for some of you. I have yet to encounter anything that does not possess at least a limited degree of awareness.  How do I know this? This is part of the energy that I exchange with my environment. Please stay with me even though this may be difficult to believe or comprehend. In a very real sense, there is an interaction that occurs between an observer and the observed. If you are aware of the presence of a rock, a tree, a blade of grass or a squirrel, you have interacted with and exchanged energy with that object. Your physical proximity is immaterial in this issue. The act of conscious observation creates a conscious link between both parties in which subtle energy is exchanged and the reality of both is altered. You cannot produce an environment so sterile as to negate this interaction. Conscious awareness can be described as sticky or magnetic in that it leaves a lingering conscious residue on the thing observed. The greater the attention paid to the object, the greater the degree of conscious magnetism. In this way relics and icons become holy. Inanimate objects possess consciousness of this type. All biological life forms possess a self-sustaining consciousness with varying degrees of self-awareness. Life, awareness, consciousness, all are subtle shades of complex strings of energy which intersect at inconceivable angles.

I once experienced a deep and profound kinship with an injured woodchuck before it met its demise under the wheel of an approaching car. The strength of the bond was so intense that I leapt violently into the air and spun as if I were the one who had been struck. On another occasion I felt the remorse of an aged oak tree who had never felt the awareness of successful offspring even though it itself had survived for more than a hundred years.

If you can perceive a thing, it is conscious. If it is conscious, it has life. If it has life it is capable of exercising self-consciousness to evolutionary degrees. An evolved, self-conscious being exhibits a high degree of not only self-awareness but also awareness of the consciousness of all things. This is the oneness, or unity that is sought by seekers of enlightenment.

It is possible to develop a high degree of self-consciousness that does not consider the awareness of other beings or objects. Introverted self-conscious beings are what are commonly known as evil.

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 Why are we Here? 

Why are we here?

Ultimately you must answer this question for yourself. You chose to come here in order to accelerate your spiritual evolution. It may be difficult to believe however a physical body offers tremendous advantages to spiritual growth. A body, even when not animated by a spiritual force, possesses a mild degree of awareness. What it lacks in spiritual aptitude it more than makes up for in physical attributes. Here is a truth. Nearly all spiritual qualities are shadowed by a physical counterpart. When a spiritual being animates a physical body a synergy occurs between the two which amplifies these qualities a hundred fold. This is not an exaggeration. Consider this. Neither a spiritual being nor an un-animated body are concerned with survival. Upon animation however, a survival instinct quickly develops to maintain the integrity of this relationship. Every emotion, every need, every desire, take on a new dimension. That which you sacrifice spiritually is of little consequence however that which you sacrifice physically may cost you your life. It is the intensity of this relationship that facilitates spiritual evolution. If you need to learn patience you are likely to do so more quickly in a room full of squabbling children then you would in a room of meditation. If it is selflessness and sharing that you lack you will find hunger and poverty a greater asset then the spiritual abundance of heaven. You are here to learn. You are here to grow. Not all incarnations are fruitful and lessons may have to be repeated. Regardless of the outcome however, you will leave this life richer for the experience and greatly pondering what you have gained and what you may have missed.   

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 Why is ther suffering?

Why is there Suffering

To be honest, I had hoped to avoid this topic. It is not that the subject is difficult. It is not. I realize however that many of you will refuse to understand and in your bitterness will turn away from other truths as well. Still, I am being pressed to address this topic and will continue as inspiration allows.

Why is there suffering? Because it works! Have you ever been ill? Have you ever been injured? Have you ever experienced pain? You need to relax and think about this for awhile. What did you learn from your pain, what did you learn from your illness, what did you learn from your suffering? In truth we grow by giving and we are strengthened by suffering. Read the above sentence again. Does it appear counterintuitive?  Is it not that by giving of ourselves that we grow as individuals and is it not also true that in the absence of resistance we can never grow stronger. If there were no evil there would be no obstacle to overcome and if nothing brought suffering there would be nothing to learn. If this world presented no challenges then there would have been no reason to come here. In the absence of potential risk there could be no thrill-ride.

Many contemporary teachers claim that it is God’s will for you to be healthy and prosperous. They amass a multitude of followers by serenading them with what they want to hear. I take exception to this. It is Gods will that you love, learn and grow. There is nothing wrong with health and prosperity however they are poor teachers when compared with suffering. Those who suffer are on the accelerated path to wisdom. Instead of asking “Why am I suffering”, ask, “What is there to learn from my suffering?” Indeed, instead of focusing on suffering, focus on the lesson. Consider also that the lesson may not be yours to learn but those around you. When, however, the fruits of wisdom, born of suffering, are manifest in the spirit, there will no longer be a need for illness. Its purpose will have been fulfilled.

There are those who through selfish ambition draw attention to their suffering in order to gain attention and sympathy from others. Sympathy is a bitter and un-enduring reward.

To give while in poverty, to reach out not for help, but to help while in pain, this person is a saint.

May you learn your lessons well and quickly.

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Can we know the future?


Can we know the future?

Do you really want to? Knowing the future is a great deal like knowing how a book ends before you read it. Nevertheless, people are obsessed with the future believing that if they knew the events of tomorrow they would adjust their activities accordingly today. Consider this. If you knew that tomorrow you were going to have a car accident and thus did not drive on that day to avoid the occurrence, then did you really know the future? If the event did not happen it was not the future that you beheld but only a probability. That is after all what the future is. An endless series of probabilities influenced by the events of today. In both waking and in dream conscious I have witnessed glimpses of the possible future. Some events came to pass quickly, others in due time. Still some have yet to occur if at all. Some I pray never happen.

The activities of mankind on a both the micro and macro scale create a momentum of probability similar to a snowball rolling down a hill. Uninterrupted, the snowball continues to pick up speed and mass until it eventually reaches its event horizon. So it is that your daily thoughts both as an individual and collectively give momentum to tomorrows events. Your “now” is the womb of your future and it will give birth to the seed that grows within you. Nurture it accordingly.

And now to confuse you. The future that you seek to understand is but a dream that you sculpt in the mist. In reality, there is no future. There is only the blossoming of your awareness. As your awareness expands like a bubble, that which lies within the sphere is your past. That which lies on its surface is your present. That which lies beyond does not yet exist. You cannot touch the mirrored pool and behold your true reflection at the same time. Understand this and you will understand that knowledge is not obtained by looking outward.

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 What is reality?

What is reality?

What do you want it to be? The events of a dream are real within the context of a dream. As the consciousness changes states, that which is perceived as reality changes as well. Does your current perception negate what you previously experienced? As the butterfly emerges, the caterpillar ceases to exist however the cocoon that gave it shelter remains. So it is with reality. Your current reality is the result of an interaction between conscious perception and the field of thought responsive energy in which we all exist. Our cocoon if you will. Our world is a vast ocean of energy which collapses into what we perceive as matter at the intersection of conscious intent. As long as the consciousness remains focused the event remains solid. As the attention is diverted however the event dissolves once again into various frequencies of energy. Does this seem odd? Consider this. As we share this time together you are immersed in a field of electromagnetic energy in the form of radio waves. Countless stations competing for the same air space. Without the proper means of perception you would spend your entire life oblivious to their existence. When properly focused however the music is heard. Musicians, poets, writers speak with clarity as the radio signals interact with your senses and you become immersed in a world that moments ago lie beyond your perception. As the radio is turned off however that which was previously real vanishes into the field of energy from which it sprang. Reality therefore is nothing more than the momentary copulation of consciousness and energy.

It is possible through properly tuning the consciousness to override the collapse of the wave function of energy into solid forms. At this level of awareness the observer ceases to experience shapes and forms but is exposed to the enduring and underlying substrate that is the foundation of all that is.

This is the realm of miracles.

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How to seek knowledge

How to seek knowledge.

I could speak of charkas, meridians, seven levels of spiritual consciousness or a host of mystical lexicon strewn like so much useless verbiage on the path to enlightenment. Many who are called teachers so pervert the spiritual path as to make it incomprehensible to the bewildered novice. The spiritual sojourners mournful despair is not so unfathomable nor the precipitous peaks of wisdom so steep as to be beyond understanding. Insight does not occur in stages. It is as a light, the sun when it breaks the horizon. That which was veiled in darkness is now illuminated. It is not necessary to reduce the dawning of a new day into a series of related events. To do so adds unnecessary complexity to a simple and natural occurrence. So it is with enlightenment. When that which was not understood is made clear the student understands instantly. It is easier to find peace in the singleness of thought than in the company of a wordy professor. Know this with certainty, if you look for complexity you will certainly find it. Then, having found it you will assume that it exist of it’s own accord. It does not. It is created or made manifest at the will of the observer. Therefore it is better to hold a single thought, to aspire to a single ideal than to contemplate the myriad terms and levels espoused by those who claim to know the truth. There is but one path to knowledge and that is the path that you are on now. It may not progress at the rate that you prefer to travel and the scenery may not be to your liking. Fate and circumstance may occupy the greater percentage of your attention. None of these things are of consequence when the will is focused.  With enough time, water will burst through the strongest of dams. So it is with the will. Channeled will, accompanied by the innocence of singular thought has brought more knowledge into this world than all of the books in a well-stocked library.

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"For as long as space endures
And for as long as living beings remain,
Until then may I too abide
To dispel the misery of the world."

Saint Shantideva